On Time and Up-To-Date work is easy!

OnTime work hours app - mobile and online time reporting!

Our work hours app ONTIME MOBILE is the perfect solution for mobile and billable work. It is used by cleaning, construction and marketing companies! It is  simple, affordable, and reliable!

If you have a production or office facility ONTIME PRODUCTION is the right solution for you. The ONTIME multi-user app is installed on shared touch screen and placed in office or production facility.

Save Time and Money!

Mobile time reporting is easy! Salary administration cuts time spent in half, the manager will immediately be able to tell if everyone is onsite and when they arrived! Having exact and accurate time reports reduces salary costs by 10 % on average!

Employees become motivated as they are able to see their work time and +/- balances in their phone!
Being efficient doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult! Try the work time app OnTime Work Time for free

OnTime WorkTime project work hours app
Work hour app ontime status page in app

Having a Clear Overview Leads to Profitability and Convenience!

Using the mobile work time app OnTime Work Time makes it easy to tell who is onsite, on their lunch break or absent.

When checking out, employees can leave messages regarding travel expenses, leave or work shift status!

Accumulated project hours on an employee or project level can be followed online! More action, less talk 🙂

Efficient communication is the best tool for improved performance and profitability!

wifi fingerprint time clock FP06

Combine with B9 or B3 time attendance clock (fingerprint & RFID)

The OnTime software can be combined with the B3 or B9 time attendance clock! 

If you have a facility, factory or office a biometric clocking machine is the perfect solution for the workers to sign-in and out! No monthly fees just an affordable one-time cost!

B3 is equipped with fingerprint and RFID tag identification. The B9 model has facial recognition. The clock is connected to the cloud server through an ethernet connection.


Customers and Accounts Departments Appreciate Clear Reports!

Regardless if running a building or cleaning company or advertising agency, providing customers with accurate time reports for invoicing purposes is always appreciated.
The work time app OnTime Work Time web application makes it easy to create reports for individual customers, various project parts or specific work areas.

Satisfied customers represent the best guarantee of future success!

OnTime work hour report

Quick demo of the OnTime WorkTime solution!

Rei-Kaluste Oy - custom-made furniture for objects that require a sense of style and a high standard!

We introduced the OnTime time tracking application for mobile devices in 2020. The application is an easy-to-use, reliable and really good system for time tracking and time reporting for projects, customer invoicing and working hours. The application allows us to clock different work and production stages. No more paper lists to fill in! The application is especially suitable for mobile work. Flexible and good customer service. We recommend!



Jani Huovilainen Toimitusjohtaja

Rei-Kaluste Oy

SERVITIUM OY - We help you know!

The OnTime time tracking application was acquired to replace paper-based timesheets. We ended up choosing the OnTime time tracking application because the program is easy to set up and use, and the operating costs are very moderate. A tutorial on the basic use of the program and a 30-day free trial were a great thing! We think that the OnTime time and attendance system, which works on mobile devices, is ideal for mobile work and project work. The reports are clear and easy to print from a browser for customer invoicing and time and attendance. Of course, the new GDPR provisions already require proven time and attendance records. Paper lists are already history and in addition, processing and filling in paper lists takes an awful lot of time. I can definitely recommend both the OnTime working time tracking system and OnTime Innovations Oy's good customer service.



Samu Pellikka - Customer Relationships Manager

Servitium Oy - full service research hour

The Time Access time reporting system was acquired for the need for attendance monitoring of rehabilitative work activities. We replaced the outdated program with a new one.

We decided to choose Time Access because the program and the time attendance clock are easy to use and the operating costs are very favorable. The users experienced that the Time Access program was very user-friendly.

For the administrator, it was easy to add people to the program. As a special plus, I felt that the program was easy to adapt to our needs and the service was fantastic. In addition, the customer's individual needs were taken into account particularly well.

Hanna Keränen

Helsinki City

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